What to Do You Know about Gothic-style Jewelry?

  Have you ever had this feeling like you don't care about anything, because nobody understands your problems? Like everybody thinks they know you - but don't. They just don't get what your real problems and feelings are? Well then it was time to feel depressed and dress gothic!

There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed. We all do sometimes. Yet, I'm not a doctor to give you a medical advise - so use it at your own risk. As far as I know - depression often happens to those who has nothing to do. https://www.gothicmerchant.com/ People who has no hobby, no regular work to occupy their mind, no entertainment, no spouse. There is only one way to get rid of depression I know (without using high-price pills). It is through the long path of finding yourself and your hobby.

Searching for yourself and your hobby - you can try gothic thing. It might be interesting for you some time, and there are good chances you'll find something more interesting. At least you are doing new things, which can lead you to new ways of looking at world. At least I always enjoyed new paths in life - it always leads to new decisions.

Shall we see in deep dark history of topic. When the dragons were eating beautiful virgin princesses and knight were drinking beer on ballrooms of castles, sometimes fighting for a hand of a beautiful ladies and hanginging witches. Kidding. Anyway, it Dark Ages it was. Dark.. I mean reallly really dark. That is what gothic is about - black, dark, nothing white and nothing positive in nature.

Gothic jewelry is always mystical and hard to understand. You can find amulets with dark dragons and pendants symbolising spider-webs, gettin you in the mood of ages with rooms of castles, never visited since the beginning of times. If you heart is something like that (forgotten and lonesome, like nobody touched it from the begginning of ages, because they just don't understand you? All right! Get a pendant with web on your heart - show everybody to get their attention to you until your heart is full of webs.

Probably it will not be good to to buy anything shaped with devils themes, gargoyles and pentagrams. Better think ahead - who knows what is there on the other side of life - so you might want to get a little insurance right now to protect your immortal soul later. But! It's your life - want it - get it. It's everywhere nowadays - you shouldn't have problems buying gothic things - all around the Internet.

Gothic jewelery is sometimes inscribed with letters in unknown forgotten language, which strengthens the scare. Gothic is always scary (or at least a bit frightening), so don't be surprised to draw a lot of attention from people who see you dressed gothic and with gothic make up (which is simply all black or with a little purple). To add to your image - get some spiky things. Earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets. Jewelery of Gothic must have spikes and curves - it's just a base of it.

I hope when you are fed up with attention to your gothic nature - you'll get rid of your depressive feelings forever and start wearing funny-bunny pendants, rose glasses and put some bright colors on you, making world a little happier place.

Black Diamond - The Perfect Gothic Fashion

There is no denying that a subculture has gained popularity across the United States and Europe. The subculture originated in Europe in the 80s and quickly gained widespread popularity among teens as well as young adults. That subculture was later stamped as the gothic era, styles that were adopted from the Elizabethans and the Victorians.

Along with the gothic subculture came the impressionable styles of gothic fashion. The gothic fashion inherited its style from the past era of Elizabethans and Victorians and is quite predominately incorporated into their daily apparel, hairstyles, facial makeup and the jewelry accessories that they wear.

Each generation of young people since, the mid 50's, has risen to be uniquely identified by forming their own subculture. Through this subculture, an identifiable uniform of dress, jewelry, makeup, music, social manner, and attitudes can quickly be depicted as part of that subculture.

One of the most favored jewelry accessories, among young gothic adults, is the black diamond mounted inset with silver or white gold. Black diamonds are also brilliantly displayed in settings of platinum or titanium. Black diamonds give the persona of the mysterious side of the gothic fashion while keeping within the luxury of owning a valuable piece of jewelry.

Gothic jewelry is usually worn heavily on the body. The pendent is the preferred jewelry piece for the women but, bracelets and rings are quickly moving up the ranks in popularity among these gothic fashion enthusiasts. The heavily set rings still command the top of the lists in gothic jewelry fashion purchases for the men, overall. Making a presence over white gold to accompany the settings, are platinum and titanium.

Owning black diamond jewelry carries a two-fold benefit to those that wish to show off their gothic fashion tastes. While show casing the gothic fashion for events surrounding the popular subculture, a black diamond can also be just as diversely impressive in the more conventional social groups.

The black diamond has become increasingly popular within the gothic fashion circles for its symbolic meaning of romance and mystery. Men as well as the women have chosen the black diamond to its predecessor of less valuable synthetic materials, more commonly worn in the past among the gothic subculture.

As each patron of the gothic subculture grow older and start to separate themselves into the more conventional environment of society, the black diamond offers the versatility needed to remain as part of a valuable jewelry portfolio.

In light of things, it only makes logical sense that when purchasing jewelry for the gothic fashion attire, to invest in fine jewelry that will increase in value over time. As a result, you will afford yourself the versatility between to separate cultures, without senseless monetary loss, and increase the value of your diamond portfolio.

Choosing between the subculture expressions related to gothic fashion and owning diamonds doesn't have to be a concern. As you grow in your tastes toward fashion, your black diamond will certainly fit right in to any culture your social attire will take you.

We strive to be the premiere jewelry marketplace bringing you the feel and excitement of a real auction. We have LIVE auctions running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can enjoy bidding at home or at work.

Gothic Chokers

Gothic style is well known for expression of individuality and non-conformity. It allows men and women to express their dark side and provides a great opportunity to display well chosen accessories that are unique and not part of the mainstream fashion styles. Accessories are the key to accentuate a well designed Gothic costume. Careful attention to these fine details is essential to the final appearance of this cultivated fashion look. Boots, gloves and hats are great accents, but the most popular Gothic accessory for men and women is the Gothic Choker.

Gothic chokers have a very distinct look. These chokers are not like other costume jewelry. Gothic chokers are created out of jewels, beads, leather and precious metals. It is a common misconception that people who wear Gothic fashion clothing have no diversity in their style. This is surely not true. You need to explore the many possibilities involved in creating a Gothic costume. Gothic chokers come in many styles and shapes and can add an elegant finishing touch to your individual look. These chokers can enhance your femininity or masculinity.

Adding a Gothic choker to your wardrobe accessories is something that everyone can do. Go on line and explore the wide diversity of this jewelry accessory. You will have a great time shopping for a Gothic choker whether you are surfing the web or out at your favorite shopping mall. These chokers can be worn with Gothic fashion costumes or with your favorite black dress. Gothic chokers can really accent your overall look. The choker has a way of framing your face which really sets off the shape of your lips and the beauty of your eyes. The optical illusion created by the choker makes your lips seem fuller and your eyes more intense. This can really be accentuated when appropriate eye make-up and red lip stick is applied. Chokers are considered not just a piece of jewelry, but also an important beauty aid.

An everyday Gothic choker is one that you would wear when you go to the grocery store. Basic Gothic chokers are usually made of plain black leather with a buckle in the back. When you attend special occasions, you will want to wear a dressier and more elaborate choker. You will want to chose something designed with velvets, satins or embroidery and set off with precious jewels. These special Gothic chokers are created with beautiful detail and you want to chose one that enhances your flair for unusual jewelry fashion. These elaborate Gothic chokers can actually be worn anywhere and any time. The jewels can complement skin tone and clothing. It is amazing how the shape of the jewels in the choker can accentuate a persons body type. Tall, thin people look best in nice round shaped jewels. They provide a contrast to the sharp thin lines in their faces and body angles. Individuals with rounder and more voluptuous bodies look stunning with diamond, square or rectangle shaped jewels. The defined edges in the jewels contrast nicely and add dimension to their fuller body types. There is definitely a choker for everyone!

You will probably end up purchasing a special new jewelry box for your very nice collection of Gothic chokers. You will also want to keep an extra supply of buckles and clasps on hand in case you lose or break a fastener. When you keep them all in a special box, it is much easier to find repair parts and locate your favorite Gothic jewelry chokers. Every time you open your special jewelry box, you will have a special romantic moment and it will remind you of how and when you acquired each choker piece. Have fun with your new Gothic jewelry collection and enjoy attaining your collection!


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